Meet our staff!

Annaliese M.

Founder and Board Member

Annaliese started midwifery training in 2019 and is very close to finishing the PEP process and becoming licensed. She plans to work overseas with the ISMC and is passionate about providing safe care and training up the next generation of midwives to do the same. Her experiences during apprenticeship solidified her belief that compassionate midwifery education is needed to make any long-term impact on maternal and infant mortality rates worldwide. She’s so excited for all the ways the ISMC can be involved in making this a reality!

Morgan V.

Founder and Board Member

Morgan started pursuing her career in midwifery in the fall of 2019 by attending a pre-apprenticeship program. She is doing the PEP process and expects to complete it next year. She plans on working overseas with the ISMC when she finishes school and gets her certification. There's a lot that Morgan has learned over the last few years working and learning under different midwives and that's one of the reasons she's so excited to bring ISMC to life- to let other birth workers in on some of her experiences and help them navigate this beautiful, yet occasionally stressful calling.

Hannah H.

Treasurer and Board Member

Hannah’s passion for wholistic wellness began in her early 20s as she became more aware of the systemic issues in the mainstream healthcare systems worldwide, particularly those related to maternal child health. After spending over a year engaging in cross cultural volunteer work, her eyes were opened to the extent of work that needs to be done to improve existing systems and implement new ones. She currently works in a busy chiropractic practice. She is excited to implement what she has learned from managing a high-volume clinic into the vision of the ISMC. 

Moriah M.

Board Member

Moriah was first touched by the need for midwifery overseas in 2014, when she helped provide prenatal and postpartum care to women living in a village in Kenya. Her love for midwifery has only grown over the years as she has experienced firsthand the challenges and joys that this profession brings. She has nearly completed her education as a CPM and looks forward to becoming licensed this fall. She is excited for the ways that ISMC can meet the need for maternal child healthcare worldwide.