Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Providing skilled midwifery care to communities around the globe through educating and empowering birth workers and developing community through sustainable practices.

Our Vision

To improve infant and maternal health worldwide one community and one birth worker at a time by:

  • Building birth centers in low resource areas throughout the world.
  • Training skilled birth attendants (both local and expatriate) to work in the nations.
  • Teaching communities the importance of maternal child healthcare and sustainable development.
  • Providing educational resources and support for midwives, students, and other birth workers in all areas of the world.
  • Encouraging a compassionate approach to training student midwives and promoting sustainability and an end to horizontal violence in the global birth worker community.

Our Core Values

We believe that community should be the foundation of everything we do. The reasoning behind every decision needs to be to show love to one another, the communities where we serve, and the world as a whole. We uphold the importance of empowering local leadership as part of this community, and of raising up leaders through mentorship and education. At the ISMC we are bound together with a common purpose and believe in being committed to each other and the communities where we serve. Being a community is being a family and “the problem with our world is that we draw the circle of family too small”.

We view service as being a multi-faceted value. Within the community and our organization, service goes hand in hand with justice as we seek to serve local communities through education, maternal child healthcare, and community development. We define service as compassionate, educational care with the end goal of empowering communities. Within the ISMC, this means supporting each other and encouraging compassion and sustainability.

We hold that justice is a culmination of love. For us, justice is accountability, and seeking to right the wrongs that have occurred around the world in regard to maternal child health care, women’s rights, and education. We believe that no mothers or babies should die or suffer morbidities for lack of adequate healthcare. The ISMC is convinced that it is our responsibility to uphold justice, especially in areas where it has not been upheld.

We believe that mercy is required to support sustainability in both our organization and the communities where we serve. Mercy requires intervening on the behalf of those who cannot speak or act for themselves and works in conjunction with our core values or justice and service.

We believe that humility is considering others equal to ourselves, which requires personal sustainability within our leadership. Humility is one of the requirements for building healthy community. We uphold the importance of learning from local leadership, and of starting works that are self-supporting and self-governing.